“Life is a team sport; let’s play.”  SusieQ

We are happy to be able to support friends with this page of links and the artist is grateful for their support with reciprocal links back to this site. Whether they call the artist Susan Q,  SuzieQ, SuzeQ, SusieQ, Susie Q or just plain Q… it’s all appreciated.


“Susan has a unique organic-style in all of her works, which makes us pause long enough to get emotionally lost in the movement of her art. My favorite is the collaborative pieces which exudes the energy of each individual participant.  How wonderfully refreshing it is to embrace the artist and her Art.”

Cindy the GODpillow Lady,

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“SusieQ, I really like your cards. I use them for the special people in my life. I can personalize my message and share an original work of art at a very affordable price. I’m looking forward to the launch of your ‘Inspirational Card of the Month Club!”
Kathleen Froode, Market America Distributor

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“Susie Q who… swirls
………………… all around the world
connecting the dots…….

Maeva Renaud
Maeva The Artist

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“Susan: I LOVED being able to add a dab to that beautiful painting on Saturday at the Anne Kolb Center! Wow. Was very surprised by how profoundly connected I felt to something bigger than myself through the simple ritual of picking up a paint brush and creating my little swirl mark (using 3 different colors of course!) amidst the other swirls and dots and brush strokes contributed by everyone else that day. Thank you so much for what you do!!! My appreciation for your work has gone to a new level by being part of one of your co-created paintings.”

Cynthia Greenawalt-Carvajal
VisionSource Consulting, Inc.

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“Susan’s paintings are alive with energy and vitality, and reflect back to us the power we all have to transform our world.”

Carol Aubrey, author “Fearless Thinking:
Moving Past the Obstacles to Personal & Social Evolution”

SusieQ’s “Fearless Thinking” painting is used for the book cover by the same name.

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Dear Susie Q…
I wasn’t born with artistic abilities, however I appreciate fine artwork when I see it.  You are a master at what you do!  I have always been drawn to vibrant abstracts with a lot of blues and greens, so you know I am going to resonate and love your Earth Keeper, Gems in Recycling, Thoughts are Things and Getting Green.

I look forward to attending one of your events and having the opportunity to add my own dab or swirl (in blue or green, of course) on one of your canvasses.   : > )

May you continue to add sunshine and inspiration to our planet.

Gail Browning, the Gem Maven

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“You’ve a real gift for expression. I loved them all. To me, they are the imagery of the symphony of a dream…. fluid expressions of emotional states-of-being – systematic and deliberate, yet totally free!!”

Rob Carhart, One Planet United

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“The paintings are really beautiful. Nice energy… love the colors!”

Rev. Ginny Lloyd, Florida Intuitive Center

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“Suzie – you certainly created wonderfully inspirational and positive work!”
Juliette Lippman

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“I love your work…the heart-centered colors, the feeling of “upward reach.” I knew before I saw the title, that Santa Barbara dunes was a California location. We just got back from our first venture to San Francisco and the CA coastline. You nailed those trees. 😉 More, you nailed the spirit!”
Ellen & John Mooney, Publishers
Natural Awakenings Morris County Edition

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“I love the art we did at the conference [Natural Awakenings Publisher’s Conference] – also enjoyed looking at your other creations on your website – how fun to do it in groups; it has inspired me to purchase oils, brushes, palette and easel for my daughters and I to dabble with. We are just beginning but it is a lot of fun so far! Thanks for the inspiration”
Ursula Ervin
Natural Awakenings Publishing Corporation

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“It was a tremendous pleasure for Volunteer Florida, The Governors Commission on Community Service and Volunteerism to work with ‘SusieQ’ as a part of our most recent AmeriCorps and National Service Conference. The collaborative painting that came as a result of ‘SusieQ’s’ work represented not only the spirit of service but also serves as an artistic expression of the unity and strength of the AmeriCorps and National Service family. ‘SusieQ’ is not only an artist but a visionary.”
Amieko Watson, Director of National Service Programs
The Governors Commission on Community Service (Volunteer Florida)
Tallahassee, Florida

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