Count on the enduring value of commissioned art.

When you commission artwork from SusieQ, you’re investing in your own well-being—a reflection of your values, your story, and who you really are. You deserve the pleasure of its uplifting presence—a satisfaction that makes it worthwhile today.

Tomorrow it will be even more valuable. Because your painting captures the energy of the day,   the consciousness of the now, it will continue to communicate its unique message to viewers for decades to come.

For maximum enjoyment, work with SusieQ to select the frame and lighting that will best integrate your painting with your home, office or studio environment.

For even more value, work with SusieQ to create note cards and other products that replicate your painting and share its message with an even broader audience.

SusieQ is currently working on a new series…. Global TRASHformation, a series using found material, typically picked up off the streets, alleyways and beaches (litter) to then clean, an, sort and use for her delightful, social commentary pieces, reminding us that health is a personal responsibility first. Visit her other website to view more information about the Global TRASHformation movement and how you can join and participate.

To get started, call 954.630.1610 (South Florida) or schedule a time to talk to SusieQ.