Quantum Expressions

Consciously co-created pieces are executed during an afternoon,  evening, or over several days. Each piece reflects the positive energy of the participants and that particular event. For an outstanding and memorable event, contact the artist.

These uplifting paintings are “impressionistic / non-objective” in style.

SusieQ participates in events, such as concerts, conferences, expositions and corporate retreats. For an entertaining,  professional presentation, please feel free to contact her for your next special event.

These works represent unlimited possibilities. It is through the process of creating and setting intention these pieces speak of the manifestation process… the process of thought itself.
My life is joy; my artwork is a reflection of that joy, and appreciation for all that is.
It is pieces like these that I am creating in public places, as part of concerts, presentations and meetings. These pieces reflect the positive energies of the people attending these events.

Custom work can be created around your favorite expression of unlimited possibilities. Contact SusieQ for further information.