These mixed media pieces are part of her current series of social commentary works. The subject is  a special type of trash known as LITTER. SusieQ’s Global TRASHformation or #EcoLitterArt is comprised mostly of colorful plastic for the beach series or rusty metal,   for her land litter pieces. SusieQ states, “It’s important for us to be exemplary stewards of the land and sea. I’d like to see us create more areas where litter is not tolerated.”

By purchasing or commissioning a SusieQ mixed media piece which incorporates found littered objects is a great way not only to support the arts, but to grace your walls with an important timely issue. The pieces are beautiful and extremely rich in texture. They are fun to look at and have a great deal of detail and may be quite a conversation piece.

These paintings, either oil or acrylic are done on canvas with the addition of found objects from either the beach or the land (parking lots, streets, alleys, walkways, grass and empty lots in Broward County, Florida, concentrating near the artist’s home studio on the Galt Mile, Fort Lauderdale.

What was collected on the land-side were metal objects that had been run over by traffic over a period of time, thus the objects were flattened and rusty.  I love the rich brown colors of these objects, not the fact that they were carelessly tossed by our neighbors.
The litter found on the beach was in stark contrast to the drab metal colors. The beach trash is typically very bright and colorful, all colors of the rainbow, but not to be compared with the beauty of a rainbow. These pieces were found floating in the sea and washed up onto the beaches, much like a sick child vomiting up what is making them sick. Some of the plastic was left by our ignorant and apathetic neighbors visiting the beach, our “front yard”.

The artist feels that if we were to notice and take care of our own little space and not tolerate littering in our own neighborhood / front and back yard we’d be done with the issue. There are cities and entire countries in other parts of the world where litter does not exist. It may be hard to believe this if you’ve never been out of the states, but it is true.  The artist has visited such places.