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The painting project is generally introduced to the guests at the event just after the couple has been married. The bride and groom add the first strokes,  then all the guests (young and old) are invited to add their abstract expression of love for the couple.  The theme of the piece is decided on ahead of time.  As with the “Perfect” Wedding” painting,  at the end within the strokes of many we found a butterfly emerging from the spiral theme of expanding love. The butterfly was brought to life with the a few strokes of the brush to reveal the bride and groom gazing at one another.

All guests are requested to participate.  The adding of a dot or stroke of color is non-judgmental and no one can make a mistake or “mess up” the painting.  As a matter of fact,  the more people that add to the piece, the more interesting it becomes, and highly treasured by the hosts. These paintings were executed during one day/event and completed the following day for delivery to the hosts. Each piece reflects the love and appreciation for the hosts by their guests…. and it’s great fun to watch the piece unfold and come together during the course of the evening.

These uplifting paintings typically are “impressionistic / non-objective” in style and may have a theme or specific color scheme.

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