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When you’re hungry for a positive reminder of who you really are, work one-on-one with SusieQ to create an image that connects you to your deepest values.

The process begins with an interview. You’ll share not only the colors and size image you want and which other SusieQ artwork resonates with you, but also your core values and what you want the painting to represent. Through this focus, the energy, mission and meaning of your painting will emerge.

"Perfect Wedding" Co-created with bride, groom and 72 guests.

You will welcome and love the result: a painting that supports your positive mental attitude and reminds you of who you are and where you’re going. The effect is so deeply personal and uplifting that you may choose to have your painting printed on beautiful note cards so you can share that special feeling with your friends, family and associates.

Your group can create an enduring inspiration too.

When you’re looking for an innovative and fun way to build team or community spirit, consider an entertaining group activity that could wind up producing a beautiful, uplifting painting you’ll be proud to hang on your office wall.

Imagine the excitement when your group learns they’ll be participating in an activity they’ve never heard of before! Imagine the liberation they’ll experience in this non-judgmental process that guides them through the fear of “messing up” to feeling free with their brush strokes on the canvas. SusieQ has a wonderful teaching style to make all participants feel comfortable.

SusieQ interviews you beforehand to establish guidelines for the color, size and theme. Then she guides your group through a creative experience they’ll never forget. The result may be installed in a place where it can remind group members of their vision and the values they share, providing inspiration for years to come.

To get started, call 954.630.1610. SusieQ’s art studio is located in South Florida, and is open to traveling to serve your organization’s needs.