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SusieQ Wood and Global Garden of D' Caps

"Global Garden of 'D Caps" wins award

Even the most heartfelt commitment to positive goals needs support. How much more frequently could you realign with your vision in the presence of beautiful art that not only soothes your soul but reconnects you to the core values of your unique mission? How much more quickly could you achieve it?

SusieQ (Susan Q Wood) creates art that aligns with your vision and restores your positive attitude. Working with an individual or group, she uncovers true purpose, positive intent, goals and values, and then captures them in powerful, inspiring images.

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SusieQ is Susan Q Wood, an accomplished, award winning artist and the publisher of Natural Awakenings magazine in Ft Lauderdale, Florida (Broward County). This magazine supports the health and wellness industry.

She knew her art was on the right path when she started hearing how it made viewers feel. Once she heard them say that the artwork had become an important part of their environment, that it “spoke” to them in a loving way that fostered a positive attitude, she knew her creations were fulfilling their mission.

By offering images in many different ways and formats, SusieQ intends to see her art fulfill its mission not only for individuals, groups and communities, but by contributing to the broader consciousness across the globe.

To find out more, call 954.630.1610.

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